January 22, 2018

For All The Women Out There Who Need Support……

I bet each woman reading this has a few bras in her drawer that are taking up space with no intention to be worn ever again.  I’m sure those bras haven’t held up anything in years.  And there are those bras that you should never, ever wear.  We all know the ones…..

  • Where the bra is too small and cuts off right in the middle of your boobs, so when you wear that bra with a tight sweater it looks like you have 4 boobs
  • You wear that same bra and the extra boobs are popping out of your back
  • The bra that you can barely clasp but one day you believe you’ll finally fit into it…..even though it’s been 10 years.  (Just like those size 6 jeans in your closet.)
  • The bra straps that leave a one inch laceration in your shoulders
  • The sexy bra that your husband / lover is so excited to see you in and you have no desire to wear – the thought of the girls being squashed so tightly….and cleavage up to your chin…..ugh
  • The sports bra that miraculously turns two boobs into a uniboob
  • The annoying bra where you are constantly pulling up the straps
  • The bra that’s held together by a safety pin…..or a paper clip….or a piece of tape
  • The maternity bra that you wore when you were pregnant or nursing.  I know mine was so huge that I could have strung the straps to a tree and used it as a hammock for my daughter.
  • The pretty, lacey bra – just the thought of putting it on makes you want to scratch your eyeballs out
  • The underwire bra where the end of the wire pokes through your skin and gives you a puncture wound that requires stitches
  • For those of you with small ones, the water bras.  Only heard of them…..can’t even imagine….
  • The bras that have 18 hooks that you just don’t have enough time to put on before work and requires four people to take off
  • The uber tight bra that makes you look awesome but when you take it off every inch of your chest screams for air
  • The bra that you wear that does not do anything – your puppies are in the same place they would have been had you worn nothing at all

My coworker buys bras for her daughters every year for Christmas.  Each year, she and her mom stay up late on Christmas Eve wrapping all the gifts.  They also enjoy a few spirits during this festive time together.  When the time comes to wrap the bras, they are so wiped and drunk they just string the bras up on the tree like ornaments.  This has become a tradition in her family.

Our fat little kitty Shadow loves my teenage daughter’s bras – she has a number of bras that stand up by themselves.  Her bras (and everything else) are strewn all over her bedroom floor.  Several times when I’ve peeked in her room Shadow’s been on the floor resting with a bra cup on his head.

Each year for Christmas my sister buys my niece a huge box of underwear and bras.  One Christmas my niece opened up a large package and inside was a few men’s flannel shirts and men’s socks.  She looked up “Mom, what’s this??”  Somewhere across town my sister’s ex-husband was opening up a gift full of bras and panties from his ex-wife.  ;o)

There are some things in life that we take for granted.  When my bras fall into one of the categories above, I don’t think twice about replacing them.  Others are not so lucky. In tough times, a woman will choose food and heat for her children over a bra for herself. The Bra Recylers is a non-profit organization that donates gently used, clean bras to women in need – all over the world.

Take a few minutes, clean out your bra drawer, get an envelope or small box, put a few stamps on it and make a difference in a woman’s life!  So easy.  Maybe a bra that looks and feels awful on you will be the perfect fit for someone else!  Make someone’s day today!!

The Bra Recyclers

3317 S. Higley Road

Ste 114-441

Gilbert, AZ  85297

Phone 480-988-2283



  1. Eileen says:

    So, so funny! I think I had a bra or two for each category you speak of lol! What a great program to be able to donate to some one in need to. I only wish I knew of this last summer when I finally caved in and passed all those old bra’s on! Well, now I know where to send them in the future!