January 22, 2018

Just Be

Today is New Year’s Day…..usually a time to reflect on the past year and prepare a list of should’s and have to’s for the upcoming year.

This year my New Year’s resolution is going to be “Just Be”.  For me, that means trying my best to embrace life and accept me as I am – flaws and all.  I’m well aware that I should lose some weight, toss out most of the contents in my junk drawers, eat more apples, bring my lunch to work, floss daily, remove the dust bunnies that loom above, and buff the bottom of my feet until they are silky smooth.

But for this moment……or for a few hours…… or even a couple of days….. I will accept the things that aren’t perfect in my life.  It’s pretty easy to embrace the things that are not an issue – quite another to accept the things that need work.

With Christmas over, I want to relax and be okay with everything as it is.  I can be so hard on myself – always thinking I have to push myself to the next level, do more and accomplish more.  Gotta do this – gotta do that.  I rarely take time to soak in the now.  I know I have to do things at some point but I also realize that sometimes I need to sit still and embrace everything about me and my life as it is.  When I am just be-ing I am enjoying the present moment and I am in tune with all the wonderful things around me.

In order to truly love myself, I have to embrace all of me.  That includes my several chins, the few hairballs on the cellar stairs that I haven’t gotten around to cleaning up yet, my impatience while driving the morning commute, the 8 inch scar on my tummy that prevents me from being a swimsuit model (yet also saved my life a few years back), the irritation I feel when I’m around negative people, the lack of funds to buy a retirement home, the inevitability of finding pine needles in August,  my not-so-much dream job, the random hot flashes, the choice to eat Captain Crunch for dinner, the ball at the end of my nose (thanks ma)….  You get the point.  For this moment I’m going to accept it all rather than fight it.  I’m choosing to Just Be.

Wow that feels great!!!  Try it and see how you feel.

Then, slowly and lovingly, work on the things you want to improve or change.  Happy New Year to you!!!


  1. Linda Collins says:

    Oh Gosh Gail, You have NO IDEA how much I needed to read this today….thank you. <3

  2. Carol lavallee says:

    I love it what wonderful words to remember I am printing it out and putting it in my daily devotional so I won’t forget. Love reading your blogs
    Happy New Year to a wonderful freind

    • Gayle says:

      Thanks Carol – you are so sweet! Happy New Year to you my friend! I think about you and wish you nothing but happiness!!!!

  3. Karen Murray says:

    Thanks Gayle:

    You always know what to say…..I love you my Sister-in-Law!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Greg Hopp says:

    This reminded me of an article I read recently about creating a “don’t do” list. This year, instead of making a “must do” new year’s list (does anyone do that?) think about the things you do that you no longer should, want to, or have time for. Then cross them off your list!

    You may end up with more of Gayle’s time to just ‘be me.’


    • Gayle says:

      So good to hear from you – made me very happy! Happy New Year my longtime friend!!! Thanks for commenting!!!!