January 22, 2018

My Love Story

My Love Story

(By Kelli, guest blogger and my dear friend)

I lost my precious dog, Mini, this year.  I was very sad and lonely because she was my best friend.

My other friends (human ones) all rallied and found me “My Romeo”.

It was 7 am and my friend Lisa and I started on a road trip to Buffalo, NY.  It was a 7 hour ride.  I was told by a mutual friend, Tabby, that she found the perfect dog for me.  Tabby lives in Vermont so I was puzzled that she knew this was the dog for me, since she lives so far away.  I told Lisa, my road trip buddy, that I would go and ‘save’ a dog with her, but I wasn’t sure I could replace Mini so soon after she passed.  It had only been 3 weeks.

After settling into our hotel room, Lisa and I watched my favorite show The Bachelor.  We woke up the next morning and drove to our final destination two hours away.  I was so excited when we arrived on the farm.   There were animals all over and I met a wonderful woman who introduced me to my Romeo.  That’s what I named him.  He was tiny, black and sweet as can be.  He kissed my face all over as he was going to his forever home.  He was my savior.

Romeo rode home on my lap and looked up at me with his grateful eyes.  This dog is so affectionate and loves everyone he meets.  Romeo is the perfect name for this special dog.

Romeo was found in a snowstorm in Buffalo, NY.  He was rescued by animal control – lost and frightened.  His owner never came for him.  He was about to be euthanized on Tuesday of that week, but the wonderful friends who rehab animals saved him on Monday.  They brought him to their farm for me to take him home.

I gave them an adoption fee (which wasn’t requested) but gladly given.  They spayed him, gave him all his shots and took care of him.  I gave them additional money to help them save another animal and thanked them for making me smile again.

Please consider adopting a dog from your local dog pound or shelter before calling a breeder.  There are so many shelters who need your help in placing these dogs.  They only charge an adoption fee to stay open.  Most shelters don’t euthanize dogs and give these animals a home until they find their forever home.   A few weeks back I adopted another dog named  King who is Romeo’s forever brother.

My family is now complete.