January 22, 2018


Here’s what just a few people had to say about Gayle Suzanne’s coaching work and workshops:

“Gayle is inspirational, funny and her presentation timely and refreshing! She kept our attention with so many personal examples and opened herself up to the audience in a very positive and amusing way. We could identify with her, feel the pain, and want to move forward to a ‘happy finish’!! She shared about life and her stories shed the light on futile, negative thinking, and low self-esteem, providing solutions and ways to change one’s thinking. Go read her book and listen to her if you get a chance – you’ll walk away feeling like a load has been taken off your back and you may even like yourself!”


“Honestly, I thought your talk was wonderful!  You touched so many of the girls, and a lot of them saw themselves in you.  I think you brought up a difficult subject – self-esteem for girls/women, and showed how you can rise above your circumstances and create the life you choose.”



“Gayle’s presentations have been inspiring and empowering to our members.  She has a tremendous presence and delivered a presentation that was empowering and sincere. She truly captivated our guests, leaving them uplifted and inspired. We hope to continue to our work with Gayle and all the great teachings she brings us.”

Leslie R.


“People come into our lives for a reason. Gayle came into mine through my daughter, Chelsea. Chelsea was given her book, “It’s In The Little Things”, and she passed it on to me. I was going through a very stressful time in my life. I read her book. Inspired by Gayle’s writings, I contacted her and found out she is a life coach…the rest is wonderful history! Gayle has helped me sort out the good, the bad and move ahead in a positive manner. Her spirit stays with me every day – I envision her as my helping hand. Please read Gayle’s book, and please contact her if you need that helping hand. It will make a positive difference in your life.”

Patty D.


“Gayle Suzanne is an author and life coach and was kind enough to speak at the Oxford Woman’s Club.  Her presentation was moving, funny and inspiring.  Any of us, who had not previously purchased her book, “It’s in the Little Things”, were able to purchase it that evening and she graciously signed all copies.  She even signed the previously purchased books.  I enjoyed her book so much, that I read it a second time.  She is an intelligent, funny and very warm person.



“Gayle Suzanne’s CD is a wonderful gift. It was funny and up lifting. This is not your typical self-help audio. Gayle is real and an inspiration

Bev N.


“Gayle Suzanne’s gentle and joyful spirit really shines through in this simple 8 step approach to find your joy in life’s moments. Her authenticity and vulnerability provides the encouragement, courage and inspiration to shift your perspective from unworthy to unbelievable.”

Stephanie Marisca, PPC
Coach, mentor, trainer
TRAINER ICF NE Life Coach of the Year 2011-2012
ICF NE Director’s Award Recipient 2012-2013


Gayle is amazing, her insight from her sometimes tragic, sometimes joyous personal life experiences will be an inspiration to others. When she combines this with her natural and authentic coaching style she is going to help many people shift their energy and lives to a far better place.”

Paul, former public company CEO.


“In a short time, while working with Gayle, it was possible for me to let go of beliefs, and feelings that were holding me back and see all the possibilities out there. Gayle’s warm personality, and the secure environment she creates, allowed me to discover things about myself that I never knew – and come away a more confident, happy person. I now live a life that is more inline with who I truly am, and can celebrate the gifts that others bring to my life.”

Becca N.


“I listened to the tape on my way home from Laura’s 45 minutes to myself, there were so many areas that felt like you were inside my head and heart, I used to feel like I was the only one that felt that way, Thank you so much for making me realize I am not alone. My goal is to listen to the tape each time I travel the 45 minutes to Laura’s (my daughter) so remind me of the things I need to work on and how to help me overcome the insecure feelings that seem to build up over time. Gayle you are a remarkable woman who was truly put here as a “Vessel” to help others, looking forward to more CD’s from you.”

Carol L.


“GREAT!!! presentation yesterday. You kept me engaged for the entire hour; you have super presentation skills – no ah’s and um’s. Sharing your personal stories is what makes a terrific presentation. Congratulations on reaching your personal and professional goals. I came away energized, motivated, and inspired. I’m checking out your website as I get stuck taking the first step!!!”

Helen N.


“You were fantastic today! Really good advice and I really enjoyed it. Now I am off to ‘Follow my Dreams’.”


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