January 22, 2018

Get Started Changing Your Life Today With Unworthy No More


Cover art by Tara Villanova contact Tara at artvillanova@gmail.com

Do you feel that you don’t measure up?  Is living a happy life meant for others but not for you?  Do you feel that someday someone will find out the ‘real’ you?  Are you fed up with being sick and tired?   Are you ready to shift energy and improve your life?

Your life can be transformed into a wonderful life!  With commitment to yourself and action, you can create a joyful and content life.  A life where you feel hope and look forward to each day.  A life where you look at things differently.  A life where others will be drawn to you.   A life where you where you love and value your authentic self.

The first part of my life was filled with challenges:  emotional abuse, bullying, alcoholism, countless rejections.  This was a time when I felt unworthy and damaged.  I always had this nagging feeling that something was wrong with me.  I yearned for a normal life where I felt kindness for myself as well as others.  I wanted to live without emotionally beating myself up all the time.  I wanted to feel okay with who I was.   I wanted to be happy and content.

Today I have a wonderful life.  It is not without its problems or challenges.  But I’ve learned to handle and see life differently.

This audio training provides eight (8) steps to help you create a more fulfilling life for yourself!  With storytelling and personal experiences, I share steps that have had the most transforming impact of my life.  These steps are simple and will be personal for you – you will be able to use your imagination and make small changes that work specifically for you.   Most of the steps explain how to change your thoughts and look at things differently.  You’ll need to be kind and gentle to yourself during this process.  With commitment and dedication to yourself, you will feel things shift.  This is the beginning of creating a new you!


1.     Concentrate on Your Gifts and Talents

2.     Just Be

3.     God Box / Let It Go

4.     Ideas to Show Yourself Love

5.     Say Thank you…..

6.     Be Willing to Be a Vessel

7.     Have fun

8.     Serve Others

Your order of Unworthy No More is instantly downloadable for the price of just $9.99.  As soon as you buy, you will be sent a download link so that you can access your MP3 of Unworthy No More at any time, even if it’s 2AM. Get started changing your life with the Unworthy No More program instantly!